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Saturday, July 6, 2019

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How do you increase CPC google adsense? The question will surely appear for those of you who are currently active to gain income through google adsense. Currently the world of blogging is increasingly crowded and lively with the presence of internet players who have the desire to earn income from Google Adsense.

Many questions that arise, where does Google Adsense income actually come from? Look, Google Adsense is an online advertising program owned by Google that uses the CPC (cost per click) method. Where you will get income or commission from the number of clicks on advertisements made by visitors to your blog.

The level of adsense income is certainly very influenced by the large number of visitors to your blog and the value of the CPC. There are times when CPC numbers are high, and sometimes there are many ad clicks, but there are far fewer CPC numbers. So, in the end, your earnings from Google Adsense decreased. Then how do you optimize the Google Adsense CPC so you can get regular monthly income from Google?

What causes the value of Google Adsense CPC to be small?

Basically optimizing Google Adsense earnings there are two main factors that must be considered, namely the number of blog visitors and high CPC values. So it's not easy to get a steady income from Google Adsense. It takes effort and hard work too.

Before stepping on to optimize Google Adsense CPC, you should first know what caused the value of Google Adsense CPC to be small. The following are some of the causal factors that are likely to be low in your cost-per-click value:
1. Quality content is perfunctory and lacks quality

Blog content that is careless and lacking in quality will make your blog visitors feel dissatisfied and then not read your article completely and then decide to leave your blog. This is what is always recorded by Google, so that it will cause your CPC value to be small.

2. There is a click bomb on adsense ads

If there is a bomb click on your adsense ad, the adsense engine will automatically minimize the value of CPC adsense ads that experience the click boom. This is done by Google to protect partners / advertisers from losses.

3. Ads do not match the theme of the content

The incompatibility between adsense ads and blog content will allow a small ranking of CPC.

4. The number of non-organic visitors

The existence of non-organic visitors is also possible to cause your Google Adsense CPC to be small. So that it will result in cutting your adsense income later. These non-organic visitors can occur due to the spread of blog links manually or automatically to various social media that you think it will increase blog traffic and as an effort to optimize your Google Adsense CPC. Apparently this is wrong, because that method will actually make the value of CPC low, and worse, your adsense account can be banned.
How do you increase Google adsense CPC?

Of course you have already thought why your CPC number is not the same as other websites, or your CPC value is smaller than other bloggers. Then the question will arise to yourself how to optimize your Google Adsense CPC?

Here are two ways for you to optimize your Google Adsense CPC to be higher, which in turn has an effect on your adsense earnings later.

1. Presenting good quality content

To optimize your Google Adsense CPC, the best way to make your blog content as good as possible. Provide information needed by blog visitors. Give interesting content and enough detail. So that readers feel at home for long to listen to the information that you present on the blog. In addition, provide article offerings that use sub-headings, making it easier for readers to find specific points from the article quickly.

Serving articles that are long and detailed and not carelessly will make the visitors feel at home and stay on your blog for a long time because they feel satisfied getting the info they need. So that the activities of these visitors will be recorded by Google Adsense and increase the ranking of your CPC ad value later.

How to optimize Google Adsense CPC like this is natural and is very well liked by Google. Thus you do not need to try strange ways to increase blog traffic to be visited by non-organic visitors, which in turn will drop your CPC value.

2. Build as much organic traffic as possible on your blog

Building organic traffic to your blog is one of the most effective efforts to optimize Google Adsense CPC. This method is indeed the most effective for you to get the CPC value to crawl up to maybe reach $ 0.1. Increasing the traffic on a blog by sharing via social media will actually reduce the number of your Google Adsense CPC. To optimize the high Google Adsense CPC is to maximize organic visitors for your blog. What is meant by organic visitors is visitors who come to your blog through the Google search engine. So, it's not just a high number of visitors, but these visitors must come from Google's search engine, not through social media.

In essence there are lots of factors that have an impact on your Google Adsense earnings. However, there are no definite details from Google on how low and high CPC values are. However, the way to optimize the Google Adsense CPC described is at least one of the efforts for you to be able to optimize your monthly income from Google Adsense.

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