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Friday, July 5, 2019

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Google Adsense publishers may no longer use the term bomb click, invalid clicks or invalid clicks. Bombs click on ads is an act that is not true and very disadvantageous Adsense publisher. Bomb click on this Adsense ad will be very decisive and become a publisher who will secure a Google Adsense account and not close the adsense account will be banned.
What is an Ad Click Bomb

activities and actions to click bomb Adsense ads is a bad action that can harm the distributer (blog owner), the purpose of the overall click bomb to overcome and eliminate adsense ads on the blog. Click bombs are carried out using how to repeatedly click on ads on a blog on a personal computer that has one IP address.

The act of clicking ads repeatedly with the same IP address as the activity issued by Adsense. Click on ads that have been approved in accordance with the Adsense policy that is intended as a guide and for compliance with all suppliers. because the origin of issuing the policy, the dealer can request a light sentence for the hardest deactivation of the Adsense account.
Click Bomb Occurs

Click ads often as indicators of revenue from Adsense, but click on manual ads or click on bombs that approve valid actions. many things become factors to change invalid clicks and clicks on Adsense ads, 3 (three) of the following are factors that are often the cause for increasing click actions on Adsense ads.

1. Disrupted using ads

Hyperbole adverts until floating ads that contain content (articles) are the factors that successfully generated ad clicks. This click (click squeeze) bomb can be intentional or unintentional (fad).

2. Don't know which ads are content

the second is because blog visitors don't understand the Adsense ads, this is worsened using blogs that have very poly advertisements. Visitors like this will complete which content and make the ad click anywhere and become an invalid click, snap bomb, or click an illegal ad. Generally this click (click blackmail) bomb occurs because of accident / misunderstanding / ignorance.

3. not happy with his blog (understand Adsense)

Finally, get a click bomb because they don't like your blog. the reason is that poly can be approved:
Well on this occasion, I will share with you how to overcome the prohibited Adsense with click anti-bomb scripts. Here's how to install an anti-bomb script, click on adsense ads to protect your Adsense account from Boom clicks.

1) Enter your blog account
2) Click the template and click edit html
3) Look for the closing head code tag and place the code below right above the headgear
4) If you have saved
The function of this anti-bomb click script is ...
If there is someone who clicks more than 3 clicks on 1 IP (Internet Protocol) that the automatic visitor who comes to the IP will not see Google Adsense ads.
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