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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Installing adsense too much can cause loading and burdening when open a web browser can also cause visitors to immediately close our web pages, therefore Adsense is one of the contributors to loading because the ads displayed JS Adsense will reduce our loading speed even though JS Adsense is already using asynchronous but still it will still make the blog wait longer to load. The alternative to alleviate is to install lazy load on the blogger blogspot blog. Lazy load adsense works when a web page is scrolled down by visitors to the blog, then Google Adsense ads automatically reload quickly with a matter of seconds, but some say that using lazy load these adsense adsense impressions decreases and the CPC decreases.
In my opinion installing lazy load adsense pays off by loading the blog to be light especially when tested on google page speed tools score becomes even greater if added lazy load image surely the page speed tess score becomes 100% or stays in the range 95-99 or 100% enough very good and satisfying.

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Speed ​​up Loading blogs with Lazy Load Adsense
The way the code works is quite simple, that is, the ad will appear after we scroll the page down. So JS Adsense will not appear before we scroll the page and also avoid placing google adsense ads on the blog above the fold (the top of the body) because lazy load adsense will not work properly.

Now how do you install lazy load google adsense on blogger? Please see the tutorial below:
1) Enter blogger
2) Select Theme on the blogger dashboard
3) Click edit html put the lazy script load adsense between the head tag or above the body in the blogger template
4) Make sure to delete all the usual JS Adsense links installed in the Adsense ad unit code. Like this :NOTE !!! This code also includes Adblock killer which has been combined into one
after adding click the save button and the script has finished installing on our blog

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