Impact of 2019 Policy Better Ads

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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What is the Impact of 2019 Policy Better Ads?

Why do I get Better Ads Standards Global notifications? Because Google Chrome will implement Better Ads Standards around the world starting on July 9 2019. Ads can be filtered directly on the Chrome browser if you do not comply with these standards. If you are a Google Adsense publisher, with notifications received on your account you need to re-check some Adsense advertisements that really disrupt the convenience of visitors to your blog / website if your Adsense ad does not want to be filtered by Google Chrome to reduce your income. Even ads won't show.

Because Google is a member of the coalition, their policies are followed and welcomed by Google. Because the goal is to give users the best experience.
This policy was carried out by Google through one of its products, namely Chrome Browser. Where later, in this browser will be planted a similar type of Adblock to block annoying ad serving. This feature is named Chrome Ad Filter.

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And here are some types of ads that Google Chrome will block later:

1) Auto-playing video ads with sound
2) Prestial ads with Countdown
3) Pop-up ads
4) Large Sticky Ads
5) Flashing animated ads
6) Ad density is higher than 30%
7) Full-screen scrollover ads

It's just that not all ads are blocked. Only advertisements that are considered violating and not in accordance with the ad standards of Better Ads. Some of the blocked ones will be Pop-Up type ads, Video AutoPlay Audio, and ads with Density of more than 30% content pages. Check here for any ads that will be blocked.

This feature will start running on all chrome browsers (both desktop and mobile) on July 9, 2019.
To activate it almost the same as the translate feature. Namely by raising a small notification on the corner of the screen (desktop) or under (mobile) whether you want to block annoying ads or not. There may also be settings to activate or deactivate it directly in the chrome browser settings menu.

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