Six Steps to Multiply Your Adsense Earnings

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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Six Steps to Multiply Your Adsense Earnings

There are no AdSense secrets, just common sense and some neat little ideas that you can implement that will increase your CTR (Click Through Exchange) from AdSense ads provided on your website. And an increase in CTR means an increase in MIYP (Money In Your Pocket).
and a few months ago I began to notice the increasing trend in my site's CPC, and I thought I should try AdSense again. I started using a few tricks here and there, and the following month I made more than $5 with it (which updates all my sites). I was surprised, and I decided to continue using it on several sites.

The first thing you have to realize is that content is king. If your website does not have many keywords that are rich, search engine friendly that provide valuable services for your visitors, there is no amount of AdSense tweaking in the world that will make a difference. There are too many sites that are slapped together with the aim of earning AdSense income. In fact, for $40 or more on eBay, you can buy CDs with more than 350 high-paid keyword-themed websites and settings for Adsense. All you have to do is enter your AdSense information and sit while Mailman struggles to send the hernia pushing the AdSense check bag to your doorstep.

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In this article I want to share with you the tips and tricks that I used to use my AdSense in one month.

1. I added the unit to my Big Website

Daily Blog Tips and Daily Writing Tips is my biggest website in terms of traffic. They collect one million monthly page views (combined). Even so, I don't use AdSense for them, especially because the direct sponsor model works well.

A few months ago I decided for several AdSense units on the site, and the results were very positive. About 70% of the improvements I make for my translation come from these two sites. At the same time I managed to use other monetization methods well, and no one talked about new advertisements (more about that later).

Even if your blog has made money with direct sponsors and affiliate marketing, therefore, you can still increase your income by adding several AdSense units strategically.

2. I add units to my Small Website

As many webmasters do, I have many small websites that are scattered throughout the web. Some are on free hosted platforms like Blogger, and others are self-hosted sites that I choose. However, most of these sites still get traffic. Not much, but the combined numbers are feasible.

I think adding AdSense units to all these sites can make money, and I'm right. The reason given is, because this is a proposed site and does not have loyal visitors, I can place the unit very aggressively. Discover is a very high CTR (clickthrough rate), which compensates for small traffic levels.

Don't underestimate the potential of small websites, especially if you accept AdSense units aggressively.

3. I use a Large Unit

If you want to make money with AdSense, you must use one of these units: 336 × 280 rectangle, 300 × 250 rectangle, 120 × 600 large skyscraper or 728 × 90 scoreboard.

Every time I try to use a smaller unit the results are disappointing. Even if I position it too aggressively, the CTR is too low.

One unit that supports anywhere can produce good results, but the best performers are those that are 336 × 280 large rectangles, and that is what I use to improve my translation.

4. Optimize the Title

To get the right title you need a little keyword research, you see certain keywords that have a higher cost-per-click than others. Sometimes you will find a few changes to the title can get a substantial increase. It is important to ensure that the title is not deleted in the process.

Tweaking must be done on the basis that it does not change the meaning of the title. When doing keyword research for articles, there are places where people need to make a compromise between the CPC and the number of searches per month on certain keywords.

In this case, ask yourself what is more important; organic traffic or CPC? This way you will find the perfect level of compromise to make or not. One important thing that needs to be solved is face to face compilation with the title is thinking like a website visitor, what will they look for?

Remember the reason for creating a website and staying focused on creating and maintaining quality content. This is said because most website owners are carried away by increased income so the quality of the content on the website suffers.

5. Adsense for Search

Newsfalsh! Adsense for search is a gold mine. It has proven to be far more profitable than adsense for content. I'm not saying this to discourage you from using Adsense for content, but asking you to use both types on your website.

Adsense for search is when a Google search button is placed on your website to allow users to search Google directly from your website. Apart from this little Godlmine, there is also Adsense for feeds. While it's good to use different units, it's better to give a little breathing space for visitors to your website.

6. Position

There is a popular position called 'sweet spot' Adsense. This position is obtained after testing several positions on the website. One particular place has always proven to be more effective.

This place is not around the expected advertising zone. People have mastered the art of being blind to whatever is placed in the ad zone. Research shows that placing ads in content zones; just below your title above your content is the perfect place.
So many tutorials Six Steps to Multiply Adsense Earnings


Determine steps to improve Google AdSense. You will ask you to invest your time.

BUT. This is your hard-earned cash that we fight, and taking the time to do this will definitely increase your passive cash flow.

All that we have discussed here today, breaking these points into manageable bite pieces. One step at a time!

Remember your content is what traffic will be directed to your website. Get your content for valuable information or solutions for your visitors. Make sure your content has keywords that are well compatible and optimized for search engines.

After your content is amazing, market it correctly. Download the way you share content and engage in online communities that support your niche.

And finally, test and test! Your AdSense earnings will skyrocket if you take the time to find out what's best for your site.

Using data from the Adsense and Google Analytics performance reports can change the way you translate from Adsense generated and will prove to be a good investment on your website.
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