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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Surely all website owners would want the website always visited by visitors every day. An example is an online store website that requires high traffic to be managed to be leads or customers. Same with Blogs that require high traffic then the blog owner can place advertisements or establish cooperation with Ad Provider Services on his blog.


Website traffic determines the number of people visiting the website, the pages they are viewing, and the duration when visitors view or read pages based on these pages. When someone visits your website, the visit also all the links they click on and follow the discussion by your domain. Look forward to these numbers can give you ideas about approving the popularity of your website.


1) Advertising
In accordance with the title, we will prepare our ads on other people's websites using the banner / brand name that we have. Of course it's not free, we have to prepare a budget to advertise on websites / blogs that are branded.

If you expect to get more traffic for your website that also wants to get more sales, you should ask for keywords that have high commercial value as part of your paid search strategy.

What you need to know, the competition to find this is very expensive, and the imbalance that will be obtained is also worth it.

2) Socializing
One of the most effective ways to increase your website traffic is to use social channels to get the content we have and this method is the easiest and doesn't need to cost a penny.

Twitter is suitable if you use short, sharp and withdrawn promotions. While promotions through Google+ can help your website appear in personal search results and try to be very effective.

Social media giants like Facebook are suitable for B2B business types. If you are a B2C company, you might find a big attraction with social sites that use images a lot like Pinterest and Instagram.
3) Write Interesting Headlines
The title is one of the most important parts of content. Without an interesting header, the posts from the most readable blogs are not necessarily read. Master the art of senior writing.

For example, writers at BuzzFeed and Upworthy often write more than 20 different titles before finally completing the one that will generate more traffic.

So remember carefully about your headlines before you win "publish."

4) Accept On-page SEO
Optimizing your content with search engines still contains valuable and useful practices.

Did you make the most of the alt text image? Do you create internal links for new content? What about meta descriptions?

Optimizing for SEO on a page doesn't have to load time, and that is one way to increase your organic traffic.

5) Long Tail Keywords
Your high commercial value keywords don't work well? It's time for you to use long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are commonly used for web search, which is meant if you don't need them about part of paid search or SEO, then you will lose a good opportunity.

6) Starting a Guest Blogging
Ever heard of this? Filling guest blogs on reputable sites can increase blog traffic to your website and help build your brand into bargaining.

You should pay attention to this, the standards for guest blogging have changed drastically, and spam can give you a loud rebuke. So be careful.

7) Try Traffic Referrals
Instead of trying to simplify other sites to link back to you (very time-consuming and time-consuming process), create content that lists requests for approval.

When Larry, one of the authors at Wordstream, wrote an article about "Kicking in Proverbs Used by Ebay from Google Panda Update", Wordstream managed to get a link from Ars Technica in the Select Editor section related to The New York Times and National Geographic.

How? Not too bad - but also there are no soaring results in referral traffic.

Those are the steps you can take to increase your website traffic. But one thing that you must remember is that all of the SEO techniques and techniques above will only really produce results if the content you have is of high quality. With quality content, you will be able to increase website traffic, domain authority, organic search results, and also website ranking.
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