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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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The Google Hummingbird algorithm or the local term "Google Hummingbirds" is
hummingbird style that we know has sharpness in detecting the environment and the movement of wings very, very fast. Maybe this can be assumed for the algorithm this time, while searching for keyword searches it becomes more detailed, fast and efficient. Previously, Google has also updated Algorithms such as Pinguin, Panda or others and the latest is Hummingbird. Many bloggers support this because of quite specific changes such as:

- Articles in search engines suddenly disappear / Go down in rank.
- Their blog traffic is decreasing very dramatically.
- Alexa rank is getting swollen day by day.
- and all of that will greatly impact their blog.

So here when developing the hummingbird algorithm, don't just read in keywords, evaluate the value of keywords in sentences, those tips ... ?? The following are tips to overcome the tantrums of the Google Hummingbirds (Hummingbird Algorithm).

1.       Review the article
 If you believe that if your blog has been pegged by the hummingbirds, the first step you have to  do is revisit your articles that you have posted in the previous article (like a yak song ... ?? A ...  very bodo) why. . ?? because this hummingbird algorithm can assess which articles are quality  and which are not. And if you post a new article questioning and agreeing whether the topic of the article can benefit readers or not, if it's not better you look for another article topic.

2.       Don't overdo / spam
 Do not overdo or spam what I mean here is not doing SEO Optimization by multiplying unnecessary keywords so that these keywords are considered spam by the hummingbird algorithm. Remember .. !! this hummingbird algorithm seems to be able to understand human language, so if you do SEO blog optimization techniques like that are not impossible if your blog is immediately pegged by Google's hummingbirds, just wait for the game time.

3.       Say "NO" to the Copy Paste culture
 If you want to get out of this goole hummingbirds benchmark you have to say NO to copas culture, and also stop copas, it's true that copas is an easy thing to do but it has a huge impact on the future of your blog and yourself as a blogger. the impact of copas for your blog, of course, your blog will soon be hit by the rage of the hummingbird algorithm, because this algorithm is very cruel and merciless in combating copas (copy paste). The next effect is to the admin (you) of the blog, in addition to your blog missing from the search because Hummingbird algorithm, you are also labeled as an ugly article thief, just imagine to make an article does not take 2 minutes or 5 minutes, but takes hours because they have to pass an experiment and fail "try and error" just publish it and that also requires more costs because of the long time. However, the copaser directly mengopas all-out article whether it is u pretend actions .. ?? in my opinion the copaser is GARBAGE that must be eradicated, therefore I strongly agree with the launch of this hummingbird algorithm.

4.       Change your template
 The next step that you must do is improve your template to be SEO friendly, it can be done by improving the html structure in the template you remember .. !! Hummingbird algorithm in addition to assessing the value of your article, and hummingbirds also discuss the structure of your html or template, so you don't overdo it as you install widgets and effects received here and there but it's good for our eyes, but of course it's bad for you This hummingbirds due to lack of SEO friendly blog tone also increased to help because of your lebay widgets.

5.       Find a friend for the hummingbirds
 Hummingbird algorithm really likes articles or referral links from search engines or other social media. For example Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Bing, Technorati search engines and maybe others. So make it a habit for our blogs to share articles automatically and also increase the popularity of our blog.

What do you think?. Maybe for now that's all I can say about how to effectively overcome Google Hummingbird for all bloggers, who might be troubled now because of this latest algorithm.
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